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Your initial visit will start off with some paperwork.  You may want to print out the Patient Registration and the Medical History forms, then fill them out and bring them with you to your appointment.  Our Notice of Privacy Practices is also available for your review.  If you have dental insurance, our business personnel can assist you with verification of your coverage and benefits.  Once the paperwork is completed, our clinical personnel will assist the doctor in reviewing your chief complaint and dental history.  Diagnostic digital radiographs will also be taken.


After your doctor performs a clinical exam and diagnostic tests, he or she will review the findings and discuss the current condition of your tooth.  Treatment options, risks and benefits will be explained by your doctor to your satisfaction before starting treatment.  If you elect to pursue treatment, your care and comfort become our highest priority.  Once treatment has been performed, your doctor will inform you of the prognosis for the tooth and review post-operative care.  An endodontically-treated tooth will then require permanent restoration by your general dentist.


The website of the American Association of Endodontists is an excellent resource for patients.  We recommend you access it for more detailed information regarding endodontic procedures.